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Chakra Dhyana
by Sri Krishnaraj Bhagavaddasa

The Chakra Dhyana CD is a formulation of ancient Tibetan and India techniques of meditation.  It helps to enliven kundalini, a latent spiritual energy which when awakened flows through the Chakras (or energy centers of the psychic body), opening up higher dimensions in human consciousness.  The CD expands consciousness in a way which relaxes the mind, balances the emotions and rejuvenates the body.

The CD includes the chanting of powerful mantras, including the "bija mantras" (or seed sounds) for the chakras, and guides the listener in a visualization of kundalini energy as a golden fluid flowing into the chakras. 

The voice on the CD has been called a "divine gift".  It belongs to Sri Krishnaraj Bhagavaddasa who lives in a monastery in Southern India.  He is said to have attained the state of enlightenment at a young age.  Even the sound of his voice helps raise the consciousness of the listener.

Review By: Diana Rohini LaVigne, Indian Life & Style Magazine

"This 46-minute CD is a peaceful and calming way to explore meditation. The chanting is softly done with peaceful background sounds that help the process of rejuvenating the listeners body in just minutes. But it is so relaxing that you will want to spend at least 30-minutes daily with this musical collaboration to truly connect with your inner most consciousness.

The use of classic, ancient mantras is skillfully done to bring out the best in your body and energize your mind and body and protect it against the grin of today's lifestyle. Focusing from one chakra to another, the body is willing and able to easily respond positively to the music. It truly brings your mind to another dimension.

In addition to the powerful CD, they offer a free download of the guide to chakra meditation so beginners can reap the full rewards from listening to this masterpiece. If you want to treat your body and mind to the relaxing and clarity it deserves, Chakra Dhyana is the best way to travel."

Review by C. Brooks, Australia:

"Chakra Dhyana is a very potent mantra/meditation. The mantra is used for awakening the different chakras and is in line with the Indian version of the chakras which is probably closer to the truth than new age types."


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This is the most powerful and effective chakra CD we've found

The CD awakens kundalini energy and enlivens the chakras and in way that is both balancing and grounding.  People often report profound spiritual experiences using this CD.

We recommend this CD for individuals with prior meditation experience or experience with energy healing.  It is an intensive process.

To use this CD properly requires at least 45 minutes of uninterrupted listening.  The meditation itself is 35 minutes in length, and it is important to lie down and rest for 10-15 minutes afterwards.

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