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       "The Maddux's CDs are all such wonderful balms for the soul."  ---  Gail Golden
New!  Meditation Oasis -- Four of the best guided meditations from our popular podcast -- Breath Awareness, Effortlessness, Emotional Ease and Letting Go.
Pure Light -- At last, by popular request, 10 selections of the beautiful music heard in the background of our meditation CDs and podcasts!
Body Aware -- Enjoy these relaxing meditations to feel centered, grounded and anchored.  This CD rejuvenates the mind and brings vitality to the body.  It contains three powerful body-centered meditations with music especially composed to support the meditative experience. 

The Ease of Being -- 3 powerful meditations:  one for "centering", one for general healing and one for emotional healing

Pure Relaxation -- Member tested and recommended by the National Health & Wellness Club, Pure Relaxation has 3 meditations of varying lengths, as well as a half hour of music alone.  CD includes a brief relaxation break (ideal when you have a short time available), a meditation ideally suited for unwinding at the end of the day, and a total body relaxation. 

Sleep Easy -- A perfect meditation to promote deep sleep.  Also contains a track of music alone which can be used at any time.

The Silence of Being -- Use for an easy, effortless meditation.  This CD makes a perfect companion for meditation.  Contains a version with and without music.  Gently coaxes the mind to relax and go within.

Everyday Energy Healing - the Hands-on Healing CD
(also called "Learn Chakra Balancing")
Everything you need to learn energy healing and give a chakra balancing.  Comes with links for a companion booklet and chart of hand positions, as well as online support (Q&A page).


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