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Guided Meditation MP3s
by Mary & Richard Maddux

Our Guided Meditation MP3s are a great resource for supporting healing and bringing relaxation, stress relief and peace to your life. Meditation goes hand in hand with healing. Some meditations are better for insomnia relief, others provide help in dealing with an overactive mind or emotional turmoil. Browse through the descriptions of each MP3 to learn more. You can also visit this page for help in choosing the right MP3 for you.

The MP3 format has become our most popular version of our albums, because of their instant access and cost savings. After you purchase one of these, you will receive a link to the download, which you can save on your computer or listen to as a streamed file. Please read our MP3 Tips for more details.

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Meditation for Deep Rest, Stress Relief and Peace MP3

 NEW!   Three powerful meditations from our popular Meditation Oasis podcast. A great compilation for stressful times, this album includes our most popular podcast download,Deep Rest, as well as meditations for releasing stress and experiencing peace.

Price: $9.95
Walking Meditation MP3

NEW!   Walking meditation can be just as profound as sitting meditation, and has the advantage of bringing the meditative experience into daily activity. Our approach to walking meditation is easy and informal.  

Price: $9.95
Sleep Oasis MP3

In response many requests, here is the follow up album to Pure Light, with more of the wonderful meditative music from Richard. This collection is especially effective as a preparation for deep sleep.

Price: $9.95

Pure Relaxation MP3

Guided Meditations for Body, Mind & Spirit. Member-tested and recommended by the National Health and Wellness Club, this CD contains 3 meditations of varying lengths and music for total relaxation.

Price: $9.95
Pure Light MP3

Music for Meditation and Relaxation. By popular request -- collection of deeply relaxing and healing musical pieces from our podcasts and CDs.

Price: $9.95
Everyday Energy Healing MP3

Learn Chakra Balancing. Complete guide to giving anyone a hands-on healing. Easy to follow voice-guidance and booklet.

Price: $11.95

Silence of Being MP3

Guided Meditations for Inner Peace. Experience the silence that is deep within the mind, beyond thought. Gradually guides you to meditate on your own.

Price: $9.95
Body Aware MP3

Guided Meditations for Grounding and Rejuvenation. Enjoy three body-centered meditations to calm the mind, energize the body and promote mind-body coordination and grounding.

Price: $9.95
Meditation Oasis MP3

Guided Meditations for Emotional Ease, Effortlessness and Letting Go. Four of the best episodes from the Meditation Oasis podcast. Great for beginners and experienced meditators alike.

Price: $9.95

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Recent Feedback from Customers:

"The best relaxation tool I've ever used - I want to listen to it 24/7."

"It's fantastic -- Mary's voice, the music, the content -- everything is perfect! I listen to it a lot. It takes away the mind chatter and has helped me during stressful periods in my life."

"The CD is fabulous. I've benefited from it. We've decided to make it available to staff. Congratulations on the great work you've done!"
-- Mark Perkins, Napa Hospice Director of Support Service

"Mary’s soothing voice just takes me right in. I have meditated for years, but the CD makes it easier... Each meditation is different and all of them are helpful. I am able to deal with my personal relationships in a much more peaceful way.”

"Buy these products to better take care of yourself and live a better life!"

"WOW!! Love this CD! Wonderful music and great sound quality! Thanks!"

"Great CD. A practice in excellence!"

"I just love the tape - thank you!"

"What a great program! And so inspirational!"

"One of the best meditation CDs"

"It actually works!"

"Very restful!"

"Superb product!...lovely energy."

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